Starbuck's – 100k Opportunities

Led by Starbucks and other major companies, the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative represents the largest employer-driven effort to hire at least 100,000 young Americans ages 16-24 who are out of school and in search of work. The initiative began with an “Opportunity Fair & Forum” in Chicago, creating pathways to work for nearly 4,000 youth who attended. The engagement in Chicago succeeded beyond all expectations, so we were tasked to make an identity system and environmental design elements that could easily be replicated by multiple vendors for use in multiple cities and spaces.

Art Director

Phil Padilla

Senior Art Director

Dayra Huago

Creative Director

Dean Hart



Connect talented young people with the businesses that need them.

The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative aims to bridge the opportunity divide for the 4.9 million Americans. One city at a time.