Single-use plastic is going down

Am I an idiot for wondering if the baby should really be knawing on that plastic spatula? Or would it be irresponsible of me to not have those thoughts? As I removed it from his mouth, I realized this silly baby had me questioning all sorts of things. It led me to learn more about the use of plastic in our kitchens, an effort to gain a better understanding of BPA and what it all really meant.

Like most people, I have taken a liking to the very functional silicone products my wife introduced to the kitchen a couple years back. That whole non-stick thing is big, but after time it seems to lose its charm. Covered in stains and funky residual tastes, I’m left with the guilt of continuing to use it, or even worse, trying to recycle it with little confidence.

With the war against single-use plastic ramping up, our partnership with made a lot of sense. We shared values that could no longer be ignored.

They planned to introduce the first enzyme based cleaner in market, designed specifically for silicone. Proven to eliminate residual tastes and odors, and restore the natural wear and tear associated with everyday use. This patent-protected cleaner extends silicone products lifecycle indefinitely, protecting the greater good of our planet.

Not only was this ground breaking cleaner introduced, but it opened the door for a BPA free silicone product line, growing the Amaziya family.

Through the lens of the Amaziya’ perspective

This brand development covered a 360° branding system, built for a digital first environment. It involved a full creative strategy, deployed to drive traffic to the Shopify e-commerce platform. This platform richly displays a product line the world can truly get behind. Below are some key elements of our efforts.

Branding system - introducing the Mark, and all brand elements associated. With a complete delivery of a in-depth style guide and vendor ready, mobile asset library.

Product & lifestyle photography - full creative direction was involved in this key step. Ensuring quality, with the ability to apply stylistic treatment onsite.

Hero Product Imagery – A cohesive presentation system was needed for the Amaziya product line. A unique way of expression, showcasing the products through the lens of the Amaziya perspective.

Packaging system - designed, prototyped and deployed a cohesive packaging solution for all products. Utilizing a 100% recyclable paper stock with a minimal cost approach.

Shopify platform - turnkey solution utilizing custom plugins.

VIP Loyalty Program - adding the user profile function to the site allowed Amaziya to offer incentives and rewards to their loyal shoppers.


A mission of greater good

I now let the kids knaw away with confidence on our silicone kitchen utensils if they choose, have at it youngster. I find it fascinating what kids engage with, little surprises me these days. At least it’s not my phone, right?

The instant success of Amaziya was overwhelming, out performing expectation in the first 6-months, and opening the door for years of great business. We share the mission of greater good for our planet.

We want to thank our friends at, this 6-month collaborative effort was the birth of a fresh beginning. We look forward to partnering up for continued business growth and product innovation.